Don’t Ape This (DAT) is not your usual meme coin, DAT revolutionizes the Defi space
  • You can now mine Bitcoin (BTCB) without the expensive hardware.
  • Simply hold DAT tokens and automatically be rewarded BTC in redistribution daily!
  • You can then choose to stack BTC or sell your BTC to buy more DAT, to receive even more BTC.
This works by applying a fee to each transaction (buy or sell) and sharing that fee among all holders of the token, daily. Holders do not need to stake, farm, or wait for fees to be delivered. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and are then reflected in the holder's balance.
So why would you want to hold DAT? Well, we believe that this would make up part of your crypto portfolio, the steady boring part, the part that you park and come back to in a month's time and find that you are so much better off! The boring part!
Simply reward people for investing in DAT, by paying them in both a non-native token, BTCB, and with the native token DAT.
If you don't like reading lots of words and want to see the picture version of the whitepaper follow the link below:

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