Introduction to DAT
  • Imagine a farm without a farm (No harvesting. No gas fees. No manual compounding).
  • Imagine a system built for beginners in mind (Literally just 2 steps).
  • Imagine a system that truly has HODLERS in mind.
  • Imagine a reward system that is eco friendly

Don’t imagine. It’s already here. Welcome to Don’t Ape This!

Don'tApeThis (DAT) completely revolutionizes how we approach and solve the environmental impact of farming and mining for Bitcoin.
No farms. No LP Pools. Just invest and earn.
DAT is a semi-auto farm token, which means you get all the benefits of a traditional yield farm, without the need for staking in any LP Pool or yield farms. The tokens are stored safely within your own wallet at all times. All fees on coin transactions are distributed to holders daily.
By simply buying and holding DAT, investors will passively earn Bitcoin (BTCB) and DAT. No Expensive ASIC (bitcoin mining) hardware required. Net-Zero Carbon Emissions.
Lightning Fast, Cheap, and secure transactions powered by the Binance Smart Chain.

The problem associated with DEFI (Decentralized finance)

The overwhelming majority of DeFi projects require trust in a central party and interaction with complex contracts.
Rewards for interacting with these contracts often come from the minting of new tokens, necessitating confusing (and usually centralized) economic mechanisms that attempt to give the underlying reward token some value.
Developers who design and implement these economic reward mechanisms typically have no expertise in economics.
This places an enormous amount of risk on individuals that choose to interact with DeFi smart contracts. For simplicity, let’s break down some of the different kinds of risk accepted by your average DeFi participant:
  1. 1.
    Price and Market risk: Price movements of a specific token or the market as a whole that negatively affect the token holder.
  2. 2.
    Trust-related risk: Individuals or teams behind a project performing actions that negatively affect the token holder (for example: rug pulls, large token unlocks and dumps, etc..)
  3. 3.
    Security risk: Vulnerabilities in smart contracts or interfaces that the token holder interacts with.
  4. 4.
    Economic Design risk: Tokenomics that are poorly designed and unsustainable.

Our Solution

DAT has used the Reflect protocol which is uniquely designed to address these problems and reduce the aforementioned risks. Let’s look at how DAT reduces each of the risks mentioned in the previous section:
  1. 1.
    Price and Market risk: These risks come with any free market. Anyone claiming to guarantee a specific yield or eliminate this risk are lying to you.
  2. 2.
    Trust related risk:. No vaults or treasuries. No community funds that could be mismanaged. No website or interface is required for the token to function. As long as Ethereum exists, DAT fees will be generated and distributed with each transaction.
  3. 3.
    Security risk: Because fee generation and distribution is baked into the core smart contract, security risk is greatly reduced. No external contracts or interfaces need to be interacted with in any way.
  4. 4.
    Economic Design risk: DAT has a fixed cap. The yield comes from transfer fees instead of newly minted tokens. As you earn fees, the percentage of the total supply you own is increasing. Earning network fees is an established and tested method of earning yield.
We choose to reward with BTCB, which is a BEP20 token that is backed by Bitcoin (BTC). The reserve addresses are published for anyone to audit.
The wrapped bitcoin works where a trading pair has been created on between the pegged token and the native coin, e.g., BTCB/BTC. Large buy orders will be maintained on the trading pair on, with a price spread of around 0.1%. This provides a way for anyone to convert from the pegged token back into the native coin on If this buy order is filled, a new order will be placed while an equal amount of funds will be deposited from the reserve address into The sum of the buy order and the funds on the published reserve address will be bigger than the total supply of the pegged token, which would theoretically ensure complete backing.

What we offer:

  • A clean, energy-efficient way to earn Bitcoin (BTCB),
  • An audited, easy to understand way to earn crypto.
  • A reward system with no catches, and HODLER friendly.
  • Ongoing daily and weekly educational content with airdrop incentives to help users stay engaged and updated on the latest industry trends, risks, and best practices.

We DO NOT offer

  • LP Pools with impermanent loss.
  • Get-rich-quick schemes
  • Stupid crazy APR’s guaranteeing the demise of our project.
  • Empty promises.
  • Rugpulls or seedy escape plans.
And remember. This means the coins are safely in YOUR wallet… not ours. How much safer can you get?
By just holding DAT, you will be rewarded with Bitcoin and even more DAT!
Admit it, it’s pretty cool, right?!?
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