Pre Sale
We are offering 25% of the tokens at a discount prior to the launch allowing anyone to buy at this point.
Pre-sale to take place to allow early adaptors to get the coin at a substantial discount from the main launch. We will also use this process to raise a significant amount of the liquidity needed to start the launch on-chain.
Once the presale has taken place we will be reaching out to RugDoc, and other audit programs to be reviewed. Rest assured, we have done our very best to keep our contracts secure and your funds safe!
Promotion on social media, helping newcomers understand how to start in crypto/defi, and answering our social media accounts.
Details of the pre sale can be found here
25% of total supply = 250,000,000,000,000
If fully subscribed will raise over 4000 BNB
(exact number fluctuates due to price)
Launch price will be $0.0000000049665 per DAT
Amount per BNB
1BNB = US $280 (example)
0.1 BNB = 5,600,000,000 DAT
1.0 BNB = 56,000,000,000 DAT
Launch Time (UTC)
30th July 2021 12:00:00
End of Presale (UTC)
2nd August 2021 12:00:00
Individual wallet cap
20 BNB
Minimum buy limit
0.01 BNB
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