Token information

  • Token name: Don’t Ape This
  • Token symbol: DAT
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 DAT (1 Quadrillion)
  • Token network: BSC
  • Contract: 0x7aFB9E961304B732a54122Bec5D5770ccacE1516

Token Distribution

  • Presale 25% (250,000,000,000,000 (250 Trillion))
  • Marketing 9%
  • Team 7%
  • Publicly Available 59% (+ unsold presale balance)
Any pre-sale tokens that are not sold will be returned to the dev wallet and be available for general sale at launch.

Initial team fund (TIME-LOCKED TOKENS)

Marketing &
Community Development
9% of the total supply
Tokens in Wallet = 90 trillion
The Marketing fund will be initially locked for 5 months with a portion of the total available for use at the start of each month.
These funds will be made available in the following amounts and reviewed after the end of the month
25% Available for 1st month
25% Available for 2nd month
20% Available for 3rd month
15% Available for 4th month
15% Available for 5th month
Team fund
7% of the total supply (locked for 5 months)
Tokens in Wallet = 70 trillion
Locked tokens do not earn BTCB or DAT during the period they are locked.
The Dev wallet and pancake liquidity pool are also excluded from staking. Therefore, they will not be earning any rewards. This ensures that the benefits of holding DAT are being returned to the community and not accrued by locked wallets.
Marketing & Community Development fund is designed to provide the resources needed to promote the project and develop the community. It is necessary to have these resources available to make the project a success. However, we believe that not all of the funds should be available at the start, instead will be released as per the schedule noted above. This will be reviewed as the project progresses to ensure success. Any changes that are being considered will be discussed with the community prior to being executed.
The Team fund has been created to provide compensation for the team who has worked on this project. Instead of making these funds available at launch they have been locked for the first 5 months. This is to ensure their continued active involvement in the project.
How DAT split out
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